Istanbul plugin for Webpack

Istanbul code coverage loader for Webpack

Example with options

This example demonstrates passing options to coverage-istanbul-loader. The options are passed-on to istanbul-lib-instrument, so all the same options are supported.

In the webpack.config.js file, we set the compact option to true, which produces minified code. You’ll notice that the output bundle contains a mix of minified and unminified code. This is because the compact option only affects the instrumented code, not the code that Webpack adds. You can set mode: "production" in the webpack.config.js file to minify the entire bundle.


Folder/File Description
webpack.config.js The webpack config file. It uses the “coverage-istanbul-loader” loader and sets the compact option to true.
src folder The original source code.
dist/main.js The bundled webpack output. The instrumented code is minified due to the compact: true option.
dist/ The output sourcemap. Even though the code is minified, it still correctly maps back to the original source.